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Beitragvon ninah » 06.05.2007, 11:23

Hello everybody,

I am preparing my master theses and need your help.

Could you please advise where should I read something more about SPSS Conjoint results interpretation?

I have already put all datas in and received result, but my problem is, that I am not quite sure what following mean and how should I explain all results:

- B=...
- Pearsons R
- Kendalls tau
- Constant
- Significance

I would be very happy if you could give me some hints.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

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Beitragvon guido » 06.05.2007, 12:59

Hi ninah,

I moved your thread to the English language forum. It should be easier to find for our English speaking visitors here.

Regarding your question the only thing I can say is that the single items you mentioned are basic measures for the relationship or correspondence of variables or factors (as you surely know). Each of them should be explained in detail in most books about statistcics like the Pearsons product-moment correlation coefficient.

How they interact within a conjojnt analysis and how you have to interpret them within that special context I don't know.
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