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How to input data/copy multiple excel sheets into SPSS

How to input data/copy multiple excel sheets into SPSS

Beitragvon rubicond1 » 11.08.2007, 02:44

Greetings, and sorry for writing in English (you can reply in German). I have a similar problem than peter.neu:

I have a list of about 200 crops on a column, and for each crop I have 6 information (income, amount of land, season, etc.) in the following columns. I have this information for about 100 households in 6 villages.

I am now starting to put these info in the computer, and it is an enourmous task. I thought that one way to do it is to input the data into Excel, and have one file per village, and in each file one sheet for each household (I could name each sheet after the household head). I then want to analyse the data at the household level for each village, and also analyse the data at the village level (after calculating village averages).

My question is: Can I transfer easily the files to SPSS, and use SPSS to compare the different households?

I read the help menu in the SPSS software, and it seems to me that SPSS automatically selects only the first sheet from an excel file with many sheets? Is that really so?

Alternatively, shall I enter the data in SPSS or in Access? I haven't started entering the data, so I can still select the software I want.

If anybody can help, I would be very grateful. This is actually very urgent, because I am going to pay somebody to do it, but I have to tell her how to do it over the week-end. Thank you very much!!

Beitragvon administrator » 11.08.2007, 04:40


The import of data into SPSS should work (there is an "iimport wizard" in the newer versions). If there are some problems, ypu can try exporting your data from excel into .csv files and import them that way into SPSS. The data should make no problems but sometimes it can be necessary to edit the names of the variables by hand after that.

As far as I understood your question you should be able to do the comparison with SPSS. With access I have no experience and can't help you here.

Edit: Your user account has accidentily been deleted during my "spam cleaning" process this night :oops: . If you want to reply you have to register again... Sorry for that.


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Beitragvon rubicond1 » 12.08.2007, 04:19

Thank you very much (I re-registered).

What 'newer versions' are you talking about? I have SPSS 13, but it seems to me that I can't input different sheets of the same excel file. Are you talking about SPSS 14, or should I look harder to figure out how to do it with SPSS 13?

Thank you very much for your help!
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Beitragvon administrator » 12.08.2007, 07:03

I don't know if its possible to import single sheets but I dont't think so. You can try to export into different files and import them one after another.

The best way is maybe to export your sheets to .csv files, merge that files into one big file and import that one into spss. Variables have to be the same in every sheet of course.
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